Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jobs on Deck

So looks like all eyes are on the jobs report set to be released tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM EST. Perhaps it will be just the catalyst we need to jump start this market and save realized volatility from tumbling into the single digits again. Which measure of volatility you ask? That would be none other than 10 day HV of the SPY, my gauge of choice when assessing short term market movements.

Though SPY volatility continues to implode we have seen some signs of life in a few select sectors of the market. Those of you who monitor the various sectors of the market have no doubt notice the breakouts taking place in both financials and energy. Over the last week both have performed like champs scoring 4% and 6% moves respectively. Not too shabby considering the SPY is up a mere 1% (click image to enlarge).

[Source: Yahoo! Finance]

On the bearish front, tech seems to have run out of gas over the last few days. Seems like we could make the case of some sector rotation taking place. Whether it's a short term aberration or a new theme only time will tell.

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Penny Stock Investing said...

I would like to comment about the dire current condition of the american economy. This is one of the hardest periods in the countries history. Their does not seem to be any consensus about the trends for the economy one week the economic news is good the next week its bad. Their seems to be no consistency what so ever when it comes to economic matters. Mcdonald’s recently hired fifty or sixty thousand people out of one million that applied maybe mcdonald’s should change their saying you deserve a break today at mcdonald’s to you deserve a job today at mcdonald’s. As far as those banksters go I say lets exchange those three piece suits and briefcases for a pick' a shovel' a bucket' and some pinstripes. Inflation Is the primary reason for much of the growing income inequality between the super rich and the poor. It is also I believe the cause of the decline of the middle class. When ever the employing class and by Employing class I Mean anyone or any company That hires personal And gives them a regular paycheck. Their is always a tendency to undercompensate your personal less and less over time simply because when prices rise wages generally lag increases in prices at least for a substantial portion of the working population. Workers do not have much ability to control their wages and benifits. But companies that employ personal have much to say about the wages and benifits that their employees receive. Companies have been undercompensating their personal for decades in an attempt to increase their bottom lines. They have been systematically undercompensating their personal less than the increase in prices on purpose. The result is many workers have little income left over for any purpose other than basic needs food' rent' necessary clothing' utilities' medical bills' Its no wonder that the economy is in serious trouble.


Theirs way to many low wage jobs being created and to few high wage jobe being created.