Monday, December 28, 2009

IVolatility Trading Digest Blog

When I first started trading options, my source of choice for volatility charts was IVolatility. Though my first broker,OptionsXpress, offered volatility charts, they were too clunky and limited and as far as I'm aware, they still are. Not that I want to pooh pooh OptionsXpress, as they are one of the few brokers I'm aware of that even offers volatility charts. I currently do the lion's share of my trading at Interactive Brokers and as those of you that have ever traded with them probably know at this point, rather than focus on developing whiz bang tools (TOS anybody?), their forte is cheap commissions. Fortunately Livevol has recently come along and developed a pretty slick platform with quite a bit of versatility in viewing various volatility readings. So, needless to say, that's where I spend the bulk of my time when analyzing anything volatility related.

Now, on to the gist of today's post. Though I've drastically diminished the amount of time I spend on IVolatility's site, one feature I still review week to week is their blog, formally known as the IVolatility Trading Digest Blog.

From an educational standpoint, they do a pretty good job incorporating volatility analysis in the various strategies they highlight for their model portfolio. Though I don't recommend blindly following any one's recommendations, I do think it's useful to read through their rational for why they select one strategy over another. Over time IVolatility's blog has had some interesting educational write-ups worth exploring.

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