Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Larry McMillan on Volatility

Every week brokerage firm Think or Swim hosts a live chat session containing a mixed bag of trader talk. When I first started trading, these trader chats helped in introducing some of the finer points of volatility, the greeks, and other option nuances. Thus far my favorite chat has been the one given on March 12, 2008 concerning "Volatility and Option Pricing" with guest host Ron Ianieri. Unfortunately I haven't had much time to participate in these recently, however I ventured into their chat archive the other day and was pleased to find that last week's chat included special guest host Larry McMillan expounding on some interesting volatility lessons.

Though its around an hour long, its worth a listen if you get a chance: TOS Chat Archive.

I plan on doing a post on one of the option plays he talked about. Stay tuned...

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