Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Earnings Season be Comin' Round the Corner

In preparation for RIMM earnings after the bell tomorrow as well as the earnings season looming on the horizon, I wanted to review an options play on RIMM's earnings last quarter which captures the essence of gaming volatility into earnings. Like last earnings season, I'll probably post a few potential earnings plays this go around. The posts mentioned below will not only shed insight on RIMM's last announcement, but also give a nice snapshot of my approach when playing earnings.

RIMM Earnings Saga:
1. Off the RIMM
2. RIMM Follow Up
3. Volatility Crush

To better understand the influence of earnings on time decay, check out: Earnings... the Wrench in the Theta Clock

For other earnings plays I've posted in the past, readers are encouraged to check out: Earnings Posts


Justin said...

I was planning on selling a NOV 70/100 strangle tomorrow, I'll post back with the results.

Tyler Craig said...

I haven't had a chance to hash out any trades yet, but the range on your play certainly looks appealing.