Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trading Lab - FREE month!

As many of you have noticed (and some have inquired about), each Wednesday I post notes of the strategies discussed in my weekly Trading Lab. I currently contract with the Wealth Intelligence Academy in providing these labs to their clients. I’ve really enjoyed moderating these labs and would like to invite any one that’s interested to join us. If you want FREE month’s access to the trading labs to get a feel for it and determine whether or not you want to become a subscriber, call the Wealth Intelligence Academy at 866-578-0144 and let them know you're interested in trying out my (Tyler Craig) lab. They will give you information for how to get signed up. Here’s an in depth overview of the lab.

What is a Trading Lab?
The Trading Labs are an hour long weekly stock group that meets via webinar. You will be able to dial into a conference call while being able to view my computer screen on your computer at home. This gives me the ability to pull up charts and other material on my computer, allowing you to see what I’m doing and participate as if you were sitting right next to me!

Here’s a breakdown of how the lab usually goes:
10 minutes – Market overview and preview of upcoming week
15-20 minutes- instruction on specific trading strategies or techniques (technical analysis or options trades)
25-30 minutes- Q & A / open forum for students to bring up questions on specific strategies or trades-

Topics Discussed
- Top Down analysis of Indices and Sectors
- Review of upcoming significant economic announcements
- Options Pricing and Theory
- Risk Graphs
- Option Spread trades
- Greeks
- Implied Volatility
- Technical Analysis (Price pattern characteristics and technical indicators)

See you in the lab!


3percenter said...

I highly recommend the Trading Lab to anyone in the markets, whether you're a beginner or advancing trader. These guys are very knowledgeable and provide a wealth of information that is invaluable in today's financial climate.

Anonymous said...

some q's.

1. What software is needed from my side to dial into and participate?
2. What are your charges for this service?

Tyler Craig said...


1. You don't need any special software. We use Ilinc to connect you to the lab.
2. After the first free month the Lab's are offerred for $99 a month if you want to continue.
Shoot me an e-mail if you want more info:


t3barsranch said...

I would like to recommend this Trading Lab to anyone serious about their education. Tyler has been my mentor for @ 6 months I went from a novas trader with no Options training to trading with a level 5
clearance with TD Ameritrade with a 90% probability of success
I cant thank Tyler enough for the time He has taken to pass His knowledge on to his trainees
Thanks Greg Weaver

Tyler Craig said...

Greg & 3percenter,

Thanks for the kind words guys.